5 Best Dances to Lose Weight

Today’s lifestyle is so hectic that an individual has no time to keep his Mind relax. There is a saying that Healthy soul presents in a healthy body, and your body will stay healthy if your mind is relaxed. In ancient times, The King and Rulers liked to watch dance and people also do the dance to keep their body Fit, Healthy and Relax. But in today’s modern era, this is very difficult to stay Fit, Healthy and relax. Obesity is also a big issue in the young generation. Dance is the best and most effective way to stay fit and Lose weight. Today, Beaufity.com tells you 5 Best Dances that will Help you to lose weight and stay fit.

You can easily lose weight with the help of dance. To look Slim and Fit, You have to do extra workout but if you do exercise and don’t want to do dieting then it is the best way to stay fit and lose weight. Dance is considered also an exercise for weight loss. Studies show that if you do 1-hour exercise daily, you can burn up to 400 Calories. And 1-hour exercise is equal to 1:30 hours of cycling and swimming. Dance is so beneficial for heart patients. It can reduce your heartbeat and BP (Blood Pressure). These are 5 Best Dances to Lose Weight:

1. FreeStyle Dance

Best Dances to Lose Weight

In this Dance Style, your body moves freely. In this Dance, you don’t have to need to learn any special Dance moves. In this style, you don’t have to worry about your body movement. This Dance form is one of the best and easiest Dance form of all time because any age individual can do it very easily. Freestyle Dance can help you to lose weight as well as it makes your body flexible also. You can burn approx 275 calories if you do FreeStyle Dance. Do it for 30 minutes every day for better results.

2. Hip-Hop Dance

Best Dances to Lose Weight

Doing Hip-Hop is like a full body workout. This Dance style can exercise almost every body part. Hip-Hop Dance Style is a highly energetic and mind refreshing workout. It Helps to tone your Hips, Back and Abs. You can burn up to 250 calories if you do Hip-Hop daily for at least 30 minutes.

3. Belly Dance

Best Dances to Lose Weight

Belly Dance Helps to reduce pain in your Hips, Back and Abs. Doing Belly Dance helps to reduce your lower body Fat and calories. This Dance Form helps to reduce your Fat from the stomach to Thighs (जाँघे). Doing Belly Dance can help to burn 300 calories if you do this one hour daily.

4. Salsa Dance

Salsa is a Latin-American Dance form which is very beneficial for weight loss. In this Dance form, there are 6 Dance steps which are done on the count of 8 claps. Doing Salsa daily for 1 hour can help to burn your 420 calories daily.

5. Zumba Dance

For weight Lose, Zumba Dance is considered as one of the best Dance Styles. Zumba Dance is very beneficial for Weight Loss. This Dance is a Cardio workout which includes Dance Steps and Movements of Rumba, Salsa and Hip-Hop etc. It strengthens your Hands, Legs and Abs. It also helps you to stay fit, relax and younger. Many Peoples are joining Zumba Dance Classes these days.

Other Benefits of Dancing

  • Improve Heart and lungs Functionality.
  • Increase Muscular strength and motor fitness.
  • Improved muscle tone and strength.
  • Fights Obesity and Weight Management.
  • Stronger Bones and reduces Osteoporosis risk.
  • Improves Social skill.
  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved Mental Functioning.
  • Improves Balance and spatial awareness.
  • Improves Agility, coordination and flexibility.

So, that’s how you can stay relax and can lose weight as well with these Dance Forms. If you are suffering from Obesity and want to lose fat and as well as want to stay relax, try these dance forms today because these give you dual benefits. And you also see the other best benefits of Dancing. So, try Dance today.

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