5 Best Exercise to Increase your Height.

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Many people worried about their height. We know, you do so many efforts to increase your hight but sometimes, it’s worthless. Not all factor of height depends on you, sometimes it is because of your genes, like if your father’s or mother’s height is short, so, there is a mere chance that it affects your hight. Today, Beaufity.com tells you 5 best exercises to increase your hight.

1. Bar Hanging

bar hanging, Beaufity, beufity.com

Bar hanging exercise leaves an impact on your whole body. It gives strength to your hand, wrist and biceps muscle. This exercise also gives strength to your abdominal muscle. This exercise stretches your whole body. One can take a lot of benefits from this exercise.

2. Cobra Stretch

cobra strech, Beaufity, beufity.com

Cobra stretch is also a good exercise to stretch your body. Because stretching your body is the main factor in the increase in height. Cobra stretch gives flexibility to your shoulder, Chest and abdominal muscles which cover 65-70% area of your body. Cobra stretch opens up the chest and helps to clear the passage of heart.

3. Swimming

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Doing Swimming in summer is enjoyable as well as good for your health and whole body. Swimming is one of the best exercises that experts and trainers recommend to increase height. It provides a full body workout to you, helps to stretch your body and also the best cardio-muscular exercise.

4. Forward Spine Stretch

forward spine stretch, Beaufity, beufity.com, 5 Best Exercise to Increase your Height:

Forward Spine Stretch is also known as Paschimottanasan (पश्चिमोत्तानासन). It stretches your Spine, Shoulder and Hamstrings. Stretching these parts can give you a lot of benefit to your height. It gives strength to your back and spine. It also improves functions of the kidney and liver and helps in high BP (Blood Pressure) also.

5. Cycling

cycling, Beaufity, beufity.com

Cycling is also a good exercise to increase your height as well as your stamina. If you increase the seat of your cycle and then do cycling, it will surely help you to increase your height. Cycling can be also a stress buster. It will reduce your heart disease by about 55-60%. So, Start cycling today.

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