Beneficial Makeup Tips for Navratri

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Beneficial Makeup Tips for Navratri: The fast of Navratri (नवरात्रि) has begun and people do a lot of preparation for this. Especially ladies are very conscious for their looks during Navratri. Navratri is an Indian festival in which people do worship and keeps Fast (व्रत) for Nine Personation (अवतार) of Goddess Durga. If you are planning to go to Jagran or any other function, tells you some makeup tips were surely beneficial to you:

1. Use Foundation as a Toner

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Use Mattifying Primer or Oil-free Moisturize Before using Foundation to get a glorifying skin because it absorbs excess oil from your skin that makes your skin a good look after makeup.

2. Use Blush, but carefully

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If are using a Blusher, so you have to be a little bit careful. Minimize the use of blusher as much as you can. If you still want to use it, use it lighter as much as you can because if you use loud colours, it makes your face dull.

3. Use Lipstick

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It is very important to use the right lipstick on occasions. Lipstick makes you look different and stylish. Use outliner before using lipstick. In addition, use a medium dark colour lipstick because it looks good and suits in nightlight. You can use Maroon or Red colour for dark colour.

4. Eyeliner Gel: The Trend

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Now-a-days, Eyeliner Gel is being used so much. You can also use Eyeliner Gel this Navratri. Put a little bit Gel on a brush and apply it on High-point on your eye and keep it straight till the end. Besides this, you can also use Mascara. It gives your skin a natural look.

5. Use less Powder

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It is the Summer season and people use a lot of Powder. During the makeup of Navratri, Use less powder in makeup because it absorbs the moisture of your skin and makes it Dry, that makes your skin rough looking.

6. Style your Hair Perfectly

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Besides your face makeup, your hairstyle also gives your look an attractive and fantastic look. So, you have to give more attention to your hair. If your forehead is broad, then leave some hair on your face, that gives you a soft look. You can also make a French Hair Braid (चोटी) or a one-sided Hair Yoke (जूड़ा) and can give a traditional touch with a Garland (गजरा).

So, Despite of your Fast, This Navratri, give yourself a traditional and natural looking touch with these simple makeup tips and make your Navratri Beautiful.

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