Benefits of Green Tea for hairs

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When we having a conversation about health and fitness issue, Most of the people suggests Green Tea. In today’s generation, the whole world adopting Green Tea because of its large number of benefits. In today’s world, about every 3rd person is suffering from hair problems. For them, Green Tea is a Sovereign remedy, today tells you Benefits of Green Tea for Hair and Cons. Before discussing its benefits and Cons, Firstly, it is important to Know about that What is Green Tea:

What is Green Tea

Camellia Sinensis is the plant from which Green Tea is made. This Plant is also used for making different types of tea.

Green Tea’s Nutrition Value

Green Tea is a Treasure Chest of nutrition. The most powerful Compound ‘EGCG’ which is also called EpiGalloCatechin-3-Gallate is also present in Green Tea. It has many Benefits and Controlling Metabolic Rate and Body Weight is one of them. Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and protein are also present in Green Tea.

Recipe of Green Tea (Tea Bag Form)

Stuff: A Green Tea Bag and Hot water

Process: 1. Soak a Green Tea bag in a cup of Hit water

2. During this, cover the cup with anything you want.

3. After the Tea looks Light Green, put the bag out of the cup.

4. Add honey if you want according to your taste, and Drink.

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

Due to its structure, Green Tea has many benefits. It can reduce your hair fall and gives you stronger and long hair. These are the Benefits of Green Tea for Hair:

1. Controls your Split-ends

Split-ends are very annoying for everyone, especially for women. Split-ends makes your hair rough and gives them a bad look. Green Tea is so beneficial to Control your Split-ends. Green Tea has so many nutrients which help you to control your Split-end.

2. Gives you longer hair

This is one of the biggest reasons why girls drink Green Tea. The Chemical applications of Green Tea is responsible for your long hair. So, if you want to get longer hair, add Green Tea in your Diet today.

3. Reduce Baldness

Baldness is an issue that found mostly in men’s as compared to women. Baldness can happen due to any type of Stress and using the wrong shampoo. It also can happen due to lack of protein in your hair and also due to bathing with warm water. But the biggest reason for baldness is Lack of Dihydrotestosterone Hormone. Green Tea can resist this Dihydrotestosterone hormone and reduce your baldness.

4. Works as Dandruff Therapy

Dandruff is a common problem which is found in almost every person, but the fact is in some person, it is less and can be cured easily but in some people, it is a very major issue. Dandruff is also a big reason for acne. But, the biggest benefit of Green Tea for hair is that it cures your dandruff, which is the biggest reason for many hair problems.

5. Gives you Shiny Hair

Have you ever notice that most of them have a good quality of hair but still we think there is missing something. And the missing part is Shining. Shining is an important part for good looking hair. And if you do not have shiny hairs, Green Tea will help you to give shiny hair. By its regular use, you can have Long, Shining and Beautiful Hairs.

How to use Green Tea for Hair

In the above points, you see how Green Tea can beneficial for your hair. But the fact is how to use Green Tea for hair? So, see how can you use it For your Hair.

1. Wash your Hair with Green Tea

Wash your Hair with a Cold, Boiled Green Tea with a Shampoo and Massage it very well and leave it for approx 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wash it with gentle water and use this regularly. It improves your hair strength.

2. Add Green Tea in your Routine Life

By adding Green Tea in your Routine life, it will give you very positive results and your hair will look more fabulous than ever. And it’s regular intake is also beneficial to your health as well as your other body parts.

3. Green Tea with Aloe Vera

You can use Boiled Green Tea with Aloe Vera also. The Mixture of Boiled Green Tea and Aloe Vera is so easy to make and use. To make this, just mix Aloe Vera gel and boiled Green Tea well. To make a better mixture, blend it gently if you want. This mixture can be a good conditioner and makes your hair Smooth, Silky and Shiny.

4. Add Argan Oil

Add 3-4 drops of Argan Oil in Fresh Boiled Green Tea. If you don’t like curly hair or curls doesn’t suit you, it will help you. It also removes dryness from your hair and gives your hair a beautiful look.

5. Shrivel (फेंटना) Egg with Green Tea

Because Egg contains a high amount of Protein, they are known as Best remedy for silky and shiny hair. And if you add Green Tea and Egg together, it can do a miracle to your hair. To use them, crack an Egg (Take two If you have long Hair) and shrivel gently with prepare Green Tea. Shrivel it constantly until it takes a constant state. After this, apply this in your hair.

Other Benefits of Green Tea

1. Can Reduce weight.

2. Can improve your performance before exercise

3. Helps to improve your memory

4. Have a positive impact on a moody person

And many more…

As you know, an excess of anything is bad for health. There are a lot of Benefits of Green Tea for a human body. It is good for your Hair as well as for your skin also. But as you know, everything has two aspects, Positive and Negative. Above, you see a Positive side of Green Tea, But you know, this Green Tea has some Side Effects also. So now, let’s discuss some Side effects of Green Tea also.

Side Effects

  • It can harmful to the liver if you take it empty stomach.
  • Don’t take Green Tea before sleep because it contains Caffeine which can make you a patient of Sleep Disorder.
  • Pregnant women and patients of anaemia should take a minimum limit of Green Tea as resists Absorption of Iron in your body.
  • Cancer Patients are strictly advised to consult a doctor before Taking it.

Green Tea is a light and energetic drink and also used by people for many purposes. In simple words, we can say that Green Tea can make a person Healthy, Fit and Happy. So, what are you waiting for, Add Green Tea in your daily routine today.

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