Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss, weight loss tips, weight loss yoga

Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss: The most important duty of a human towards himself/herself is to keep our body Fit & Healthy. But unfortunately, only a few of us do efforts to keep healthy. Especially, In today’s world, where everyone is bounded in their hectic schedule of work life, it is a very difficult task to keep our body Fit and Healthy and this can create many problems Such as Mental stress, High Sugar and BP (Blood Pressure) and the bizarre; Obesity (Increase in weight).

Obesity is the biggest problem of today’s young generation as well as for adults also. The biggest reason for the obesity is Laziness. Every person, who is plus size, always think once to lose weight but due to the hectic schedule of work-life, it does not happen. People spend too much amount to lose weight, but what they get is only Disappointment. The most effective way to lose weight is A Natural way. And the most Natural way of losing weight is YOGA. So, tells you 5 easy Yogas to lose weight. (Tip: always try to do Yoga on Yoga Mat.)

1. Wide-Legged Forward Bend (प्रसरित पदोत्तनासन)

wide legged forward bend yoga, beaufity,, yoga poses
Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

This Yogasan very useful to lose your body fat. It reduces weight through Metabolic activities of your body and gives strength to your back, abdomen, leg and hip area. It also relieves stress and anxiety. And it helps to improve your Blood Circulation and Digestive health. And it also helps to increase your focus power.

2. Lunge (अंजनेयासन)

lunge pose exercise, beaufity,, yoga poses, weight loss with yoga
Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

This Yogasan is very useful if you want to lose your lower body fat. This yoga is very easy to do. This Yoga can work as your full body exercise because it gives strength to your whole body. It gives strength to your spine, abdomen, shoulder, anklet, hip knee and thigh muscle. It also stimulates your reproductive organs and also helps to reduce back pain.

3. Tree Pose (वृक्षासन)

Tree Pose exercise, beaufity,, yoga poses
Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

This yoga is also good for weight loss. If you do this yoga in sunlight, it would be more beneficial. It gives strength to your ankle, legs, feet, calves, back and abdominal muscle. It Improves your Blood circulation and liver and kidney functions and also beneficial for Asthma patients. This yoga also improves your Body balance posture.

4. Side Plank (वशिष्टासन)

Side Plank Pose exercise, beaufity,, yoga poses
Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

If you want to reduce your Fat from sides, this Yogasan best for you. This yoga gives strength to your spine and shoulder arms and improves the balancing ability of your body. It also improves the power of concentration of your body. Also gives stretching power to your body.

5. Half Boat Pose (अर्ध-नवासन)

Half Boat Pose exercise, beaufity,, yoga poses,
Best Yoga Positions for Weight loss

It is a good Yogasan to reduce fat from your belly side. If it is done with full concentration, it results in a more muscular and stronger core. Add this pose in your daily routine to give strength to your abdomen, lower back and pelvic muscles. It helps to reduce stress and give flexibility to your spine. It also Tones your small and large intestine.

So, as you can see that this is very easy to reduce weight without wasting any money with a natural and effective way. So, include these Yogasans in your daily routine to reduce weight and to stay Fit and Healthy.

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