How to protect your skin in Summer naturally

how to protect you skin in summer naturally,, beaufity

How to protect your skin in Summer naturally: Hey Guys, this is true that every human being wants to look Beautiful and younger than his/her age, Especially girls, Of course. But In today’s constantly changing environment and the era of global warming, where you have to face problems like pollution, dust particles and many harmful gases, it is very difficult to take proper care of your skin. So, Beaufity will tell you some natural ways that how to take care of your skin this summer so you can enjoy your summer with no worry.

If you want to take care of your skin naturally, Fruits are the most suitable natural way to take care of your skin. Here are 3 fruits and 2 natural remedies that will help you.

1. PAPAYA (पपीता)

papaya,, beaufity, How to protect you skin in Summer naturally

There is no doubt that Papaya is a delicious fruit. The peel (छिलका) of Papaya has natural ingredients that help your skin in some different ways. If you apply peel of papaya on your skin, it makes your skin fresh and gives you a natural shine. If you have a cut in your skin, you can heal it with papaya peel. The papaya pulp has a natural ability that helps your skin from dryness. Papaya also contains a large amount of water which complete your hydration requirement.

2. ORANGE (संतरा)

orange,, beaufity, How to protect you skin in Summer naturally

Most people like oranges but only a few know its natural abilities. Oranges have a natural oil control ability that helps to prevent an excess amount of oil on your skin and makes it shinier. Orange peel fluid contains Vitamin C that helps your skin as well as eyes also. If you squeeze orange peel in your eyes, it will work as a natural eye-drop. The Pulp of Orange has also some natural abilities that are good for your skin. If you apply the orange pulp on your skin regularly in summer, it will decrease your wrinkles and makes your skin lightening and glowing.

3. AVOCADO (रुचिरा)

avocado,, beaufity, How to protect you skin in Summer naturally

Avocados are very useful for the skin because they contain Antioxidants rich carotenoids that will help you to reduce signs of ageing. It also contains Vitamin E to minimise scars and Vitamin C to Give skin a natural glow. Avocados have some natural Fats that help your skin to make glow.

4. Aloe-Vera (घृतकुमारी का पौधा)

alovera,, beaufity, How to protect you skin in Summer naturally

Aloe vera is a natural remedy available in most of the households. Aloe vera pulp is very useful for skin and hair. It Detoxify dead skin cells and enlarges new cells that give your skin a natural shine. It also removes wrinkles and dark circles that is one of the biggest reason for your signs of ageing. Aloe vera is also good for your hair.

5. WATER (पानी/जल)

water,, beaufity, How to protect you skin in Summer naturally

Water is the most precious resource on our earth. Without water, our life is null. Our human body contains 70% amount of water. So, that means it is very useful for our skin. An average human being should drink at least 3-4 litres of water. In summer, an accurate amount of water can give you relief from Acne, that hurts your skin and give a bad look to you. Water reduces wrinkles and makes your skin smoother. And if you have a Painfull Sunburn, Water is the best solution for this.

So, if you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest and without taking care of your skin, try these homemade remedies. It will definitely help you.

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