Knock Knees: Causes, Treatment, and Symptoms

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Knock knees is a very common problem these days. Mostly it is found in children, but in the past 10-15 years, it has found in adults also. Knock knees or Genu Valgum is a condition in which knees are touching but your toes don’t when you are trying to stand straight. This condition is commonly found in every 20% of people and children. In most of the cases, it corrects itself, only a few percents of children whose age is 7, still affected to 7 years old. In some rare cases, it will continue till adolescence or adulthood. Most of the time it can not be prevented, but if we identify it’s symptoms and causes, we can correct it well.


Most of the time Knock knee is not harmful but there are several causes which are responsible for it like Genetic problem or metabolic bone disorders. But in most of the cases, these factors are responsible for Knock knee or Genu Valgum

  • Obesity or fat body shape
  • An injury which was not well treated or any illness which affects legs or knee
  • Arthritis (Particularly) in knees
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Rickets in some cases
  • Bone weakness


Usually, there are no major symptoms that you have to do a heavy concern about it. But there is a visual context include in case of Knock knee or Genu Valgum. You can see the difference between both the toes and joint knees. Some symptoms to check Knock Knee is under:

  • Lack of balance while standing
  • Pain in Feet, Hip and Ankle
  • Knee pain
  • Limp when you walk
  • Stuff Joint


Knock knees not diagnosed in children as because it’s normal in early-stage development. To Diagnose Knock knee in a good manner, a doctor needs to know a patient’s full past medical history. In this, the Family’s medical history related questions are asked. If there is a pain in the joints, the doctor asks the patient to tell that where is pain located. The doctor will also look at these:

  • Knee alignment in a standing position
  • How patient Walk
  • See that is there any difference between the length of legs

In some cases, the doctor suggests an MRI scan or X-Ray to examine the bone structure.


The treatment of Knock Knee is mainly depended on its cause and severity. But normal treatment includes these:

1. Medicine Treatment
Medicine Treatment

In Knock knee, it is important to correct knee alignment first, and this can be treated with Medication and supplements.

2. Orthotics

The doctor puts an Orthotics in the place of shoes where the foot of the patient is land while walking or running to correct Gait (चाल) of the patient. This treatment is very good for those who have different lengths of legs.

3. Regular Exercise
Regular Exercise
Regular Exercise

Doctors advise doing a regular exercise and stretching to correct Knock knee. Exercise and stretching will help your bone to grow in the correct direction. The exercise that the doctor suggests is fully based on your gait.

4. Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss

If a patient is overweight, the Doctor recommends the patient to lose weight because excess body weight puts pressure on your legs and knees which can be a major cause to your Knock knee or Genu Valgum. You can lose weight with Yoga, Diet or Exercise.

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5. Surgery

Surgery cannot be your first choice to get rid of knock knee, but this step is taken after all the primary treatments get failed. It is done for cases like Severe Knock knees or after failing all primary treatments. In children, the doctor put a small piece of metal which helps the bone to grow in the correct direction. After the bone is getting correct, it can be removed. In Adults, the same method is done, but for permanent because in adult age, bone development is stopped and it works as a brace for bone. In some rare cases, Doctor suggests to Knee Transplant.

So, In this post, you saw the causes of Knock knee, its treatment and how to diagnose it. So if you are also suffering from Knock knee, try these treatments to cure it.

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