Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Men

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In today’s modern time, every person wants to look perfect and without a perfect hairstyle, it’s impossible. In today’s time, Short hairstyles are in trend. There was a time when people grow long hairs and style them. But the time of longer and messier hair seems to over. Now, people’s first choice is short hairstyles that suit their personality. The look of Full Light Beard with a short hairstyle is now in trends. So, Beaufity tells you some 10 Best hairstyles for Men that suits on your personality.

Here are 10 Best hairstyles for Men

1. Side Part Hairstyle
Side Part Hairstyle

This is a very flexible hairstyle and can be tried on any hair length. From a child to an adult, anyone can do this, so if you are trying to get a short haircut, this hairstyle will definitely look great on you.

2. Classic Part Hairstyle
Classic Part Hairstyle

This Hairstyle is one of the best choices in Short hairstyle. This hairstyle is so popular between Boys and men alike. In this hairstyle, you have to keep your hair short from sides and back. The best part of this hairstyle is that you don’t need to set up your style just after wake up.

3. Push Up Hairstyle
Push Up Hairstyle

With a Thicker top, This hairstyle is just like the other two. In this hairstyle, we allowed top hair to grow longer. It looks so similar to the Angular Fringe cut. This hairstyle looks so good on Young men and Adults. If you give an extra touch to this hairstyle, it can look good on anyone.

4. Hipster Hairstyle
Hipster Hairstyle

Leave at least 3 Inches on top in this hairstyle because it is set by a frippery on top. The preference of side lengths fully depends on you which has a range between medium to large. It is best for wavy-straight hairs.

5. Side Swept Hairstyle
Side Swept Hairstyle

The volume of your hair is not important when you styling your hair in this hairstyle. Your Aim has to be looking your hair Soft and little bit Brushed at back. It is identical to Multi-textured but the fact is, how you style it.

6. Textured Hairstyle
Textured Hairstyle

This hairstyle is best for those who have thicker hairs and Square and Oval face cut (Shape). Textured Hairstyle also gives you many other options for styling your hair.

7. High and Tight Hairstyle
High and Tight Hairstyle

This Hairstyle is inspired by the popular hairstyles in the 1920s which have one inch short edges and a half on top. This hairstyle is so popular among many people because it is trending but also masculine as if we can say that it makes a comeback. This hairstyle is best for those who have straight hairs.

8. Top Fade Hairstyle
Top Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle will give you a very modern and classic look. It is so similar to the Angular Fringe Cut, that you can say it’s (Angular Fringe) shorter version. This hairstyle is short enough to give you a professional look. And it is also very versatile that you can make this hairstyle your own for permanent. This hairstyle can give you an impressive look if you wear a white T-Shirt.

9. Angular Fringe Hairstyle
Angular Fringe Hairstyle

This hairstyle will give you a Masculine and Classic look. This was so popular in 2015. But now, it is more popular than before. Angular Fringe Hairstyle is highly recommended for those who didn’t know how to start hairstyling or how to get an interesting look. If you have a round face and thick hairs, this will be perfect for you. But a luck fact is that it will look good on any face shape because of its versatile nature.

10. French Crop Hairstyle
French Crop Hairstyle

The French Crop Hairstyle is Good for those who have fine hairs. This hairstyle was so common for many years, but the crowned area has added more good looking touches in this hairstyle.

So, these are the Best Short Hairstyles for men. If you want to shorten your hair and want to try some different look, then try these Short Hairstyles. You will not get disappointed.

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